Thanks for visiting this site. This is the third home page up-date.

The big news is that the demo album I recorded with my daughter Briony has been transformed into a fully produced and complete studio album with two new songs. The album is called 'Solstice' and is available at the usual major outlets as a CD with 16-page booklet, or as downloads. Please click Briony's link at the top of this page to find out more about the album, to hear samples of the music, and to purchase the CD.

My other main project now is Albion House Audio. This is my own mobile recording and video making business, which I hope will enable people from all walks of life to produce videos for YouTube or similar online websites, recordings of their favourite karaoke tracks, or anything in-between. It is intended to be a long-term project and if you are interested in any way please contact me, it will be great to hear from you.



Photograph courtesy of and attributed to Gary Small at ‘Just Memories’ Tel. 07813 789231